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  • A network of business professionals that has over 60 million active monthly users for you to tap into
  • A fresh source of traffic, leads and sales that isn’t being exploited by other marketers
  • Use this tool and our guide to help you leverage this amazing pool of hungry traffic for your benefit
  • A premium WP Plug In put together to allow you to be effective faster, cheaper with full control
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Read on if you are tired of using outdated traffic methods or sick of reaching into the same pool of low quality traffic that has already been harvested by marketers.

Getting fresh traffic these days is becoming harder and harder. How often do you buy a product or try a new method that taps into the same old networks of the same old people. Facebook, Google, Twitter and more. These have all been around for so long that marketers have harvested them for leads, chewed them and spit them back out. These users have seen it all and to get their attention is getting harder than ever…

What if there was a huge social network full of hungry business professionals?

The benefits of high quality business related traffic speaks for itself. When you are targeting and dipping into this pool of people you are putting yourself out there to people wanting to connect, people who want to engage, people willing to do business with you

Finding people like this is getting harder and harder as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other major social networks fill up with people rebelling again the commercial push that is in their face all day

Are You Finding That You Are Experiencing The Following?

  • low quality traffic that doesn’t convert. You are getting tons of visitors, picking up a number of leads but they may as well be dead because none of them are converting into business for you.
  • low quality leads. You have been building your list, you begin marketing to that list and you end up making no sales and no income. Infact these leads disappear as quickly as they turned up on your list!
  • feel like you are fishing in an empty pond. You have hooks and tools that you have spent good money on from an online guru, but you find you aren’t getting any traffic or gathering any leads
  • you have given up on finding fresh sources of traffic. We have all been there, you consider everything you have tried and you have given up hope on finding fresh useful traffic and leads.

Finally ...

A refreshing combination of fresh hungry traffic, a tool to hook them in and a proven system for results.

  • Hungry business orientated traffic that is ready to take action
  • Traffic that turns into high quality leads looking for services and products
  • A fresh pond stocked with over 60million users waiting to bite on your hook
  • Its all there waiting for you to be one of the first to take advantage of it

Hey, Sam Robinson here.

Over the past 18 months or so I have tried and used many different methods to get more traffic. Because more traffic results in more leads, more leads means more sales and those sales ultimately mean more income for my business.

Over the past few months many of the products I have seen come out in the market place have struggled to give me that “fresh” and “excitement” factor.

That was until my partner Ezzaky started telling me about Slide Share and something he had in development called Slide Traffic.

This fresh approach excited me so much that here we are now, launching the product together!

You See, I Was Craving Something Fresh 

I’ve tried many different traffic methods and while some work for me, honestly most do not. I feel confident in saying I bet you can relate to this.

However once I  started digging into SlideShare and began uncovering methods and success stories from the very few who are in on this “secret” that’s when the penny began to drop that we were onto something.

It reminded me when we started pushing eCom through Instagram earlier this year…

When You Are First To The Field, You Can Harvest The Most….

Think of your traffic and leads like a field full of crops. No one knows about this field yet. If you are the first to turn up and begin harvesting then you are going to get the most. It doesn’t matter if other people turn up later and begin working the same field.

Today, we are here to get you into this first, so you can reap the most from this unique opportunity.

Are You Ready To Begin Harvesting? Want To Make Sure You Don’t Want To Just Let This One Slip By As A “Missed Opportunity”?

Today, We Are Ready To Help You


  • Be amongst the first to begin taking your share of 60 Million FRESH HOT LEADS
  • Engage with business orientated traffic for BETTER CONVERSIONS
  • Build a list of leads that WANT WHAT YOU HAVE to offer
  • Take a massive step forward, be unique and REAP THE REWARDS using Slide Traffic Today
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Install on WP and have full control, read our Slide Share guide, begin building.

Get Traffic, Capture Leads, Make Sales


Still Not Convinced?

Lets take a quick look at some of the Slide Share success stories

Get Your Hands On The Tools And Guide You Need To Become Your Own Slide Share Success Story... All within your very own WordPress site, giving you complete protection and control of your creations.

Today, you will be getting access to…

  • Premium WP Plug In

    You get a premium Word Press plug in that is simple to install and intuitive to use so you can begin creating quickly and easily!

  • Slide Share training

    On top of this brand new plug in, we are giving you a guide to help you maximise what you are doing on slide share and how to be the most effective at using it for views, leads and sales.

  • 24/7 Priority Support

    We have a dedicated support team ready to help around the clock meaning you can spend more time being effective and less time overcoming any potential hurdle you may come across. We are passionate about YOUR success too!

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Powerful Features We’ve Built Into Slide Traffic For You…

Drag n Drop Editor

Our team have created a easy to use drag n drop editor that allows you to have complete freedom when creating your traffic pulling slides!

Embed Into Your Website In A Click

Just pull the short code from your creation, and click paste into your website and your Traffic Slide creation with display beautifully!

Beautiful Slide Player

Slide Traffic does more than just create your slides, our beautiful slide player displays them beautifully allowing you to look like a pro!

Advanced Animation Effects

Dazzle viewers and pull engagement by applying advanced animations to your traffic pull slide right within the builder!

Auto Upload System

We have linked up with Slide Share so you can upload and get your content in front of hungry eyes in a matter of seconds!

This Is So Much More Than A Typical WP Plug In
This Is A Golden Opportunity

We’ve gone above and beyond to unearth an untapped market and then provide you with the tools and guide to give you a fresh source of traffic and leads.

The best part is despite it being untapped, it is already proven to be an opportunity you do not want to over look.

The success stories speak for themselves. Today you have the chance to get a further leg up with the Slide Traffic WP Plug In, our bespoke guide and our legendary support.

Here’s your last chance to jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late. Let me share with you the facts!

SlideShare users are there to find business-related content, making them hot prospects and leads.

Slide Traffic is going to be the easiest generator of repeatable volume traffic to your business.

Effective content on the SlideShare platform can passively collect in excess of 400+ fresh leads each and every month.

You can easily “repurpose” your content and update on the fly to tap into brand new segments and niches.

Leading SlideShare users pull in millions of views every year, resulting in thousands of leads and more income in their business.

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We aren’t going to leave you with all this power at your fingertips without the in-depth knowledge to maximize it.

We know first-hand the results this plugin can bring to your business and we’re passionate about seeing you succeed with the results and income you deserve.

So with that said you also get access to:

Slide Traffic:
Your Guide To SlideShare

If you are reading through all this and have no idea how to ultilize the SlideShare platform you don’t have to worry. We have put together our own guide to help you get started with this amazing opportunity.

Not only that but we have built a library of helpful links and resources within the members area to help you use SlideShare to

- Get maximum views and traffic
- Capture as many leads as possible
- Use those leads to create and income

This is an exclusive charter launch, meaning that in just a few days SlideTraffic will be released to the public for no less than $297, but when you get it today you will also get our own Guide To SlideShare absolutely FREE!

This is the ONLY time and place you’ll be able to get this included with your purchase of Slide Traffic! If you wait until the price is sitting in excess of $297 it will already be too late. Charter launch VIPs will be making sales and fully equipped after being first through the door and taking action with their extra knowledge.

…don’t forget the HUGE SAVINGS you get by taking advantage of this exclusive launch offer.

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Today this powerful online business opportunity is available for a small one time investment. There is no need to keep paying month in month out. No secrets, no hidden costs. Invest today and keep getting traffic, gathering leads and earning for life!

This is a premium WordPress based solution so you have full control. Isn’t it time you tapped into a fresh new source of traffic and leads to increase your chances of running a profitable online business today.

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Slide Traffic - WordPress Plug In + Guide

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When you get traffic, gather leads and begin making even just a few sales online, your very low one time investment will already be paid off by tens or hundreds of times. But we aren’t here to achieve just that, you have seen everything above and understand that this is a system that can build you a serious online income.

The rate in which this will make a huge return is mind boggling. Think about this. If you were to go about spending money on paid traffic, you would need to invest tens of thousands of dollars only to possibly get much less effective traffic and leads resulting in less sales!

Now for as little as $27 you can get started with this fresh opportunity and give your online business the potential to gather leads and turn over and profit more than your rivals large and small.

Now isn’t that worth investing in?

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Slide Traffic - WordPress Plug In + Guide

You are protected by our 30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee!


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