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Kidney Disease Symptoms

Kidney Disease Symptoms You Should Know And Aware

kidney diseaseKidney Disease In the human body there is two kidneys that function to remove waste substances and other useless objects, especially urine (excretory system). it would be a problem if one or both of our kidneys are damaged so they can not do the job as it should be. Substance remnants of metabolism, especially urine will accumulate in our body and can cause death. So needed a way out by removing the waste metabolism substances by using a tool that can work to replace the role of the kidney in the medical world called dialysis.

Therefore, knowing kidney disease symptoms early is a must that you know to prevent kidney damage. But before the discussion of symptoms of kidney disease is a good idea also you know about the kidney itself. As I mentioned above, the kidney is the main excretory tool, located on the posterior abdominal wall, especially the lumbar region, and on the right side of the left spine. Human kidney is shaped like a kidney bean. The position of the right kidney in the body is lower than the left kidney.

Kidney Disease Symptoms

Kidney Disease SymptomsOnce you know how important the kidney organs are to your body then I will review some of the symptoms of kidney disease that are usually encountered and you should be aware, because the symptoms of kidney disease can be increased chronically if the let alone. Read More

Benefits of Citrus Fruit For Body Health

Benefits of Citrus Fruit For Body Health Just Try Now

Benefits of Citrus Fruit For Body Health

Benefits of Citrus Fruit For Body Orange is a fruit that has a scientific name Citrus sinesis. Orange is a very popular fruit throughout the community because it has a distinctive shape, color and taste. In the botanical science of citrus into the family Rutaceae and kingdom Plantae. The citrus trees themselves can grow between 5 to 8 meters, including in seasonal fruits weighing 100-150 grams and the diameter takes about 3 inches.

The most important benefits of citrus fruit is a variety of nutrients that many contained in the fruit and is a source of vitamin C. People who are running low-calorie diet program is used to consume citrus fruit, as a substitute for food from other foods because the citrus fruit is very rich in nutrients. If you are on a special diet, try to regularly consume orange juice when you have breakfast every morning.

Important nutrients for the body in this citrus fruit is vitamin C, vitamin A, flavonoids, antioxidants, potassium, calcium, magnesium and dietary fiber. In one orange fruit contained about 60 flavonoids and 170 phytonutrients, the composition of these two substances have the power as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-tumor.

Benefits of Citrus Fruit For Body Health

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How to remove Scars

How to Remove Scars From Face and Hand Wanna Try

How to remove Often you may feel uncomfortable if you have scars that are in open areas, such as face and hands. Although the causes of the wounds are not ever want, but still the name minor or severe accident may befall you, and cause scar after the wound is healed. Many ways to remove scars that can be encountered which can be a way of modern medicine and traditional treatments.
In this post I will share about how to remove the scar that is safe to use and cheap price. There are two ways which I will share in the article to remove this scar, that is by using chemical drugs and by using traditional medicines.

How to remove Scars

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How to Remove Scars with Chemical Drugs:


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How to Treat Ear Infection without Antibiotic Effectively

How to Treat Ear Infection without Antibiotic Effectively~– The ears are one of the most important organs of the body. Its functioning as the listener’s senses so the ears should be well cared for. For normal humans, the ability of the ear to hear is directly related to the emotions that exist in itself. Hearing voices around can indeed affect a person’s emotions, such as hearing the words “father” or “mother” of the child we care about. Hearing the intimate call of a lover, hearing the laughter or hearing the sad cry of the people around us may also affect our emotion.

ear sick

Bacterias and viruses attack are the common cause for the ear infection. Statistics show that ear infections affect more children than adults. Children whose is still dependent on the elderly are usually more susceptible to ear infections. The main cause of this ear infection is the accumulation of serumen (ear wax) inside the ear. Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of ear infections, ​the parents should periodically checks on the cleanliness of their children’s ear.

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Other ear infections are food allergies such as nuts and fish, environmental allergies, ISPA (upper respiratory tract infections), Alcohol Fetal Syndrome (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), internal injuries, nutrition males and genetic factors can also be a factor in ear infections. Signs of ear infections can be known earlier by observing the initial signs such as: severe pain in the ear area, headache, respiratory distress, and sudden hearing loss. In more severe cases, it caused fever, discharge from the ears, vomiting and diarrhea and other symptoms requiring immediate attention and care. Read More