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How to remove Scars

How to Remove Scars From Face and Hand Wanna Try

How to remove Often you may feel uncomfortable if you have scars that are in open areas, such as face and hands. Although the causes of the wounds are not ever want, but still the name minor or severe accident may befall you, and cause scar after the wound is healed. Many ways to remove scars that can be encountered which can be a way of modern medicine and traditional treatments.
In this post I will share about how to remove the scar that is safe to use and cheap price. There are two ways which I will share in the article to remove this scar, that is by using chemical drugs and by using traditional medicines.

How to remove Scars

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How to Remove Scars with Chemical Drugs:


1. Bioplacenton

How to remove scars with the first chemical drug is by using ointment bioplacenton. Bioplacenton is an ointment that is efficacious to heal wounds and remove wounds. Bioplacenton is best suited for the treatment of burns, wounds accompanied by pus, late-closing injuries such as scratches, and injuries caused by too much pressure. Containing placenta bioplacenton extract feels very cool when applied to the wound area. Besides ointments are sold at a cheap price. It also contains antibiotics that can kill germs that attack your wounds.
How to apply the bioplacenton on the wound area thinly 4-6 times a day.

2. Maderma

How to remove the scars with the second chemical drug is to use ointment maderma. Maderma skin care for scars is a skin care remedy for scars / colloids. Scars that turn into colloids are usually caused by wound surgery and burns. Ideally scar / colloid has a flat and soft shape texture but sometimes it also looks very clear and very bad, maderma skin care for scars will help scar look softer and softer.
How to use by applying maderma evenly on scar as much as 3-4 times a day.

That is how to remove scars with chemical drugs, if you do not like to use chemical drugs below I review how to remove scars by using traditional or natural treatment

How to remove scars with traditional or natural medicine:


1. Using rice kencur / saffron-colored rice

Who says kencur is a herbal medicine for small children, besides useful for healing cough and hot cure, kencur rice is also effective to heal the scar that already exist on your body, how to remove the scar with kencur rice, first soak the usual rice half an ounce in the water for 15 minutes, then remove and mash with half an ounce of kencur, after being completely crushed, apply it to the scar that you want to remove.

2. Honey

In addition to taste good and many benefits, honey can also be used as a natural scar removal remedy, the way is to apply honey native to the scar area several times a day.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil is already proven effective in skin care, you can use this olive oil to remove scars on your body, the way is to apply olive oil on the scar region several times a day.

Actually there are still many traditional or natural medicines that can be used to remove scars. If you find out please share in the comments box below.

Hopefully with this article “how to remove this scar” is useful for all of you. My loyal visitors. Dont forget to share this latest information.wiiittt Do not forget to come back , Thanks and regards for you.

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