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How to Treat Ear Infection without Antibiotic Effectively

How to Treat Ear Infection without Antibiotic Effectively~– The ears are one of the most important organs of the body. Its functioning as the listener’s senses so the ears should be well cared for. For normal humans, the ability of the ear to hear is directly related to the emotions that exist in itself. Hearing voices around can indeed affect a person’s emotions, such as hearing the words “father” or “mother” of the child we care about. Hearing the intimate call of a lover, hearing the laughter or hearing the sad cry of the people around us may also affect our emotion.

ear sick

Bacterias and viruses attack are the common cause for the ear infection. Statistics show that ear infections affect more children than adults. Children whose is still dependent on the elderly are usually more susceptible to ear infections. The main cause of this ear infection is the accumulation of serumen (ear wax) inside the ear. Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of ear infections, ​the parents should periodically checks on the cleanliness of their children’s ear.

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Other ear infections are food allergies such as nuts and fish, environmental allergies, ISPA (upper respiratory tract infections), Alcohol Fetal Syndrome (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), internal injuries, nutrition males and genetic factors can also be a factor in ear infections. Signs of ear infections can be known earlier by observing the initial signs such as: severe pain in the ear area, headache, respiratory distress, and sudden hearing loss. In more severe cases, it caused fever, discharge from the ears, vomiting and diarrhea and other symptoms requiring immediate attention and care.

How To Easily Overcome Ear Infections

Here is an easy way to deal with ear infections that you can try if you find people with ear infections nearby.



Heat a cup of salt by using a microwave or it could be by using a pot for 3-5 minutes. Wrap it tightly with a cloth and then attach it to the sick ear alternately. Salt serves to absorb the fluid present in the ears and the heat serves to pull fluid in the ear out at once to treat pain and prevent swelling.



how to treat ear infections without antibiotics

Garlic essence mixed with sesame oil can also be used to treat ear infections. Grab two cloves of garlic then take the juice by grated or ground and then add two spoons of sesame oil. Do not forget to filter first to separate the garlic juice with dregs. Then pour 2-4 drops on the infected ear.



Basil leaves are also efficacious for treating ear infection. The way is by finely pounding 4-5 pieces of basil leaves then mixed with coconut oil. Apply the mixture of basil leaves and coconut oil to the area of ​​the sick ear with a cotton bud.


Red onion

How to treat ear infection without antibiotic. How to treat onion as a remedy for ear infections is similar with the garlic. Grab about three cloves of onion then take the juice by grated or ground. Filter the juice and then drop it 2-3 drops into the infected ear. Onion effective to cure ear infection by bacteria and virus because it contain natural anti-bacteria and anti-viruses. It also can accelerate the ear healing process.

How to Treat Ear Infection without Antibiotic Effectively

That’s how easy to deal with ear infections that you can try as soon as possible without using chemical drugs. Hopefully useful for all of you. Don’t forget to visit back to blog Share Latest Information and Tips again in another chance you have.

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