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5 Amazing Features on The New iPhone X on 2018

5 Amazing Features on The New iPhone X 2018 – Yes, Apple is known as one of the pioneers in the world of smartphone technology . Again, Apple wants to solidify the predicate through the 10th generation iPhone. Here are 5 new features that only exist on the iPhone X, which may be a new trend and followed by other smartphone vendors.

New iPhoneX Feature Face ID

face id
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As usual Apple innovates in its newest product. Last year, Apple removed the 3.5 mm audio jack on the iPhone 7 and this year Apple unleashed the Touch ID or fingerprint sensor on the iPhone X.

Instead, the user would already be a new feature Face ID. Use your face to unlock the smartphone screen.

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True Tone Display

true tone display
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Apple also pinned True Tone Display on iPhone X. This feature previously present exclusively in 9.7-inch iPad Pro and 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

True Tone Display automatically adjusts the white balance in the room for more accurate color display.

Frame Rate Video (FPS)

 Frame Rate Video (FPS) on new iphone x
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4K video recording feature in smartphone is common. But in addition to resolution, Frame Rate Video (FPS) should also be considered.

The higher the FPS value, the smoother the movement in the resulting video. Most premium smartphones today can only record 2160p (4K) video at 30fps, including Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30.

Well iPhone X became the first smartphone capable of recording 4K video at 60fps without time limit. Suitable for vloggers.

iPhone X Animoji

iphone x imoji
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A very interesting feature and only available on the next iPhone X is Animoji. Where to enable you create emoji 3D moves that are recorded based on expressions.

This feature relies on the TrueDepth Face ID camera, to track the movement of about 50 muscles in your face and map them as animated characters, funny avatars that will follow your unique facial movements.

Portrait Lighting feature

portrait lightening iphone x
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For lovers of mobile photography, New iPhone X has Portrait Lighting feature that will adjust the lighting on portrait photos. Allows sharper portrait photo shoots like premium-lens SLR cameras.

hopefully this article provides an overview for those of you who are interested in having iphone X. look forward to our next article at


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