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samsung galaxy s8+ wide screen

New Smartphone breakthrough on Samsung Galaxy S8 +

Samsung does not necessarily stay silent. Through Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + that carries the design without the bezel review, Samsung made a breakthrough again. Comes with all the advantages, here we go wonderful smartphone 2018 this year brought by Samsung Galaxy S8 + . feel the different taste of the best smartphone.

Wide Screen Samsung Galaxy S8+

samsung galaxy s8+ wide screen
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Equipped with a 6.2 inch wide screen, no one if you call this smartphone as a phablet. But behind the wide screen, the dimensions of this smartphone equal to the size of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is equipped with 5.5 inch screen!

This happens thanks to Infinite Display technology brought by Samsung Galaxy S8 +. The design without the bezel makes this smartphone can load a large screen in smaller dimensions. The impact, in addition to a vast point of view, this smartphone was comfortable gripped.

samsung galaxy s8 edge
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Coupled with a curved screen on both sides of this smartphone, you will really feel a different experience. At the same time, you will feel the experience of using a smartphone with a thin body, widescreen, and lightweight in the hand.

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Although not equipped with a physical Home button like the previous Samsung Galaxy series, you will still feel the sensation of touching the physical Home button thanks to haptic feedback technology embedded in the virtual Home button.

Minus – experience samsung s8+

fingerprint sensor samsung galaxy s8
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slightly annoying, is the existence of fingerprint sensor is pinned behind the body side by side with the camera.

Unlimited Screen for Unlimited Imagination of samsung s8+

Equipped with a different screen with other smartphones do not make this smartphone so weird. In addition to providing futuristic design, Samsung Galaxy S8 + screen is very indulgent eyes. And full of technology of the future.

Comfortable in The Eyes

AMOLED screen samsung galaxy s8
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AMOLED screen that brought Samsung Galaxy S8 + makes this smartphone comfortable to use for long without making eyes tired. Even when in direct sunlight any color presented this smartphone remains real and comfortable in the eyes. Suitable for you who like to watch movies on smartphone.

Say Hello to Bixby is Samsung’s digital assistant

Bixby samsung galaxy s8+
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Latest Smart Software Samsung Galaxy S8 + , Now Forget Samsung TouchWiz in other Galaxy series. When using Samsung Galaxy S8, everything changed. Homescreen smartphone is made simple and intuitive. Just move it from top to bottom, or vice versa to open the App Drawer. Swipe from left to access Bixby.

What is Bixby? Bixby is Samsung’s digital assistant. As an assistant, you can order Bixby with voice commands to create notes, alarms, to send messages; or even find out information of an object scanned by the camera. Uniquely, Bixby is integrated directly in the camera menu.

Android Nougat 7.0 on Samsung Galaxy S8+

Equipped with Android Nougat 7.0, Samsung Galaxy S8 + you can use the Split Screen feature freely. The screen is wide. So be able to watch YouTube while reply chatting or reading articles

Play Games Without Distractions!

Samsung Galaxy S8 play game
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Samsung Galaxy S8 + successfully combines software and hardware for you who like to play the game. Although comes with only 4GB of RAM, but the performance of this smartphone is very fast when used to play heavy games, such as Marvel Future Fight and Asphalt 8 etc. Even switching between applications was felt without a hitch.

Game Launcher features make the game experience more exciting. We can mangatur performance until the game graphics are played to save battery and RAM, to turn off notifications and buttons to avoid disruption when playing the game.

Superb Camera! Samsung Galaxy S8 +, it Feels Like a DSLR Camera

samsung Galaxy S8 Camera the best
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Using Samsung Galaxy S8 +, you do not need additional camera applications. Because for you selfie lovers, Samsung Galaxy S8 + camera is equipped with a variety of filters and stickers are interesting. And for lovers of professional photography, is available manual mode to set up like a DSLR camera.

Not just adding modes. Samsung Galaxy S8 + camera is designed in such a way to be easy to use even with one hand. For zooming we can slide sideways on camera shutter, and to switch from front camera to rear live swipe top to bottom on screen. Unique, right?

Durable Battery Samsung Galaxy S8+

Durable Battery samsung galaxy s8 beats other
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Equipped with Adaptive Charging technology, 3500mAh battery on Samsung Galaxy S8 + can be fully charged within 1 hour 40 minutes. It’s fast, is not it?

As for durability, the battery of this smartphone can last a full day in a single refill. And during the review of Samsung Galaxy S8 +, had tried to be in an area of unstable network you know! which in fact is usually very draining the battery

Given Samsung Galaxy S8 + not only equipped with a screen without bezel, advanced camera like a professional, fast performance, and a variety of other advanced features. But also on this smartphone has been embedded Iris Scanner technology, up to Face Recognition feature that makes this smartphone more secure.


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