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13 Best High Performance Android Gaming Smartphone 2018

13 Best High Performance Android Gaming Smartphone 2018-The gaming smartphone industry is increasingly like rising star lately. The proof is there are some games competition both nationally and internationally, such as Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor (AoV), and many more.

To support the activities of playing games, then some vendors to make smartphones with the best specs. Here’s the would love to know 13 best Android gaming smartphone with high performance in December 2017.

13 Android Gaming Smartphones with Best Performance

1.Razer Android Gaming Smartphone

razer best phone


Razer is one company that is focused on gaming devices and accessories. Razer Phone is the first Android gaming smartphone made by Razer in collaboration with Nextbit.

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By line of design, Razer Phone does look similar to the Nextbit Robin. This smartphone uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 8GB of RAM. The screen has been using 120 Hz technology so the display is more smooth. Read More