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Kidney Disease Symptoms

Kidney Disease Symptoms You Should Know And Aware

kidney diseaseKidney Disease In the human body there is two kidneys that function to remove waste substances and other useless objects, especially urine (excretory system). it would be a problem if one or both of our kidneys are damaged so they can not do the job as it should be. Substance remnants of metabolism, especially urine will accumulate in our body and can cause death. So needed a way out by removing the waste metabolism substances by using a tool that can work to replace the role of the kidney in the medical world called dialysis.

Therefore, knowing kidney disease symptoms early is a must that you know to prevent kidney damage. But before the discussion of symptoms of kidney disease is a good idea also you know about the kidney itself. As I mentioned above, the kidney is the main excretory tool, located on the posterior abdominal wall, especially the lumbar region, and on the right side of the left spine. Human kidney is shaped like a kidney bean. The position of the right kidney in the body is lower than the left kidney.

Kidney Disease Symptoms

Kidney Disease SymptomsOnce you know how important the kidney organs are to your body then I will review some of the symptoms of kidney disease that are usually encountered and you should be aware, because the symptoms of kidney disease can be increased chronically if the let alone. Read More